By: John Damanis

Connect Your Underground Sprinker To A Meteorologist

Tags: Green Products

Want to water your lawn only when it hasn't rained? Connect to a meteorologist. Local weather changes have day-today implications on how much water is needed for a healthy lawn. Now there's no more guesswork - Skydrop interprets real time weather data to intelligently water the lawn and save water and money. THere's no rooftop weather system needed, the Skydrop controler only needs an...Read More

By: John Damanis

Water Leak Sensing Alarm

Tags: Safety, Prevention

  Imagine the diswasher leaking in the kitchen .... a burst washing machine hose ... or an overflowing bathtub .... How long would it take to discover the leak? And how much damage would there be? Sure, there are complicated systems that can be connected with home monitoring. Now, there are water leak alarms that can be inconspicuously placed anywhere that could experience water flow if a l...Read More