Complimentary Home Staging
How your home appears online is critical to achieving the best results. Most buyers will have a few seconds and only a handful of pictures to decide whether to keep on looking ... or keep on clicking to the next property. There's only one chance to make a first impression and you need to capture their attention in these few precious seconds!

How does home staging affect the selling price of my home? These type of results have been reported over and over again in various surveys from different sources. This is why COMPLIMENTARY home staging is offered to every client, it's that important.

The typical generic DIY solution -- what home staging is NOT about
This comes in different formats, often consisting of something like "declutter and organize" then "lighten and brighten" your home. Give it a good cleaning, maybe even bake some cookies for a fresh scent. Truly this is something most people can do on their own ... professional home staging takes it to the next level and beyond!

There is a delicate balance between improving your home and going overboard by removing all personality and warmth. You need more than just the basics to achieve results like the above and get your home to truly stand out from the competition.

What I expect from a personalized professional 3-step home staging process?
Consultation & Analysis
This begins with an objective full assessment of your property and detailed walk through to understand the flow between rooms, the overall market appeal and potential target market for your home. The current use of each room is evaluated along with a general inspection of floors, walls, ceilings, windows and focal points. Your personal timeline and priorities always guide the process and strategies are provided to deal with the clutter of daily life. Furniture arrangement, artwork & accessory positioning and anything that needs to be packed up, re-arranged, replaced or repaired is evaulated to showcase your home as if it belonged in a magazine.

Recommendations & Implementation Plan
Within 24-48hrs you'll receive a detailed personalized report with very specific suggestions on how to quickly transform your house into a "move in" ready show home that demands top dollar from potential buyers! If required the right trades people are recommended to start the intial transformation. Wall colours may change appealing to the widest category of buyers, some items removed and furniture re-arranged. 

Final Polish and Showcasing
Everything should be perfect just before the photos are taken. This final step will pull everything together and put the finishing touches on your home leaving a lasting impression on that buyers can't forget. Lighting, artwork and other accessories would be added at this time (if required). The stager will help you with a plan to prepare for showings so that your home never loses its sparkle.