To My Clients
I truly appreciate my clients and all the people introduce me to! As a thank you to everyone I really enjoy hosting an Annual Client & Friends Appreciation Event. Always fun and exciting, come enjoy complimentary food and drinks along with a free raffle for some pretty awesome prizes!

To Those In Need
With all the "progress" humanity has made over many millennia it is sovering to consider that poverty is still an issue. There's a special place in my heart for those without a voice, the disadvantaged or in dire straits.

With The Office Team
As a resident of Brampton for many years I’m proud to be involved in the CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc. "Caring for Kids" program. Each year we liaison with local schools to provide a special Christmas for desperate children and their families. We never know who the families are but always hear about their stories ....and most are in such extreme need. These families face circumstances  most of us can't even imagine! How does a little child face Christmas when they have lost Mom and Dad? How do parents tell children there isn't enough money for milk on December 24th? We are reminded how precious and fragile life is and of course how fortunate most of us are. That is why I reach out to others -- it's my responsibility and privilege!

Personally By John
I tell my clients that I go above and beyond, offering top notch above par service that exceeds expectations. Not only do I carry that through professionally but also personally. I don't stop at what my office is doing above, each year I personally make many donations in many ways. Some examles include the Salvation Army, local food banks, international emergency relief funds, and often whoever happens to cross my path. It's hard to choose. Do you have a favourite charity or cause? Contact me at one of the numbers above or email me here and let's talk about how I can get involved.

To Those Who Can't Help Themselves
Throughout the year our local animal shelter is overrun with infant animals who are raised in a 3' x 3' cage; an even less fortunate few have have lost their mother's. When possible I take these animals, give them a proper home and the attention needed to become loving and sociable pets later in life. Otherwise offering support however possible.